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We are a full service travel agency offering everything from skiing and hiking adventures, Caribbean and exotic cruises, honeymoon packages, group travel, historical tours...the possibilities are endless! We invite you to visit our links and check out the specials available to book on our website.

We are more than an agency, we're a team of professionals and adventurers who strive to create the perfect travel experience for you.

Perhaps best known for winning two silver medals in skiing at the 1960 Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley, Penny Pitou has been escorting skiing and hiking trips to the Alps for the last 38 years. Her knowledge of the mountains, the people, and the countries combined with her ability to speak German and French fluently, make for well organized, educational, and fun vacations.

If you're interested in an active vacation, check out our  skiing adventures personally escorted by Penny Pitou. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

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